Standard Service Breakdown:
The following is a breakdown of a typical standard service performed by Flow Engineering:
1]   Unit is isolated and swapped out of service as needed. Tube bundle is then pressure tested.
2]   Unit is then drained on the water and steam sides.
3]   Clean-In-Place machine is hooked up, solution added, and tube bundle is solution/chemically cleaned on the water/tube side, typically for 1.5-2.0 hours.
4]   While unit is being solution cleaned, tube bundle is leak checked again, and package is inspected, inspection report is filled out, recommendations noted, model/serial number/user ID recorded, etc.
5]   If applicable, RADA thermostatic valve is serviced, cleaned, pictures taken, lined back up, leak tested and adjusted, then placed into service, etc.
6]   After solution cleaning is completed, unit is flushed out several times, relief valve removed, flushed again through diaphragm, etc. Typical time for this procedure is about 1-1.5 hours.
7]  Upper control head is then dissasembled for inspection, LFT/HFT adjustors removed, cleaned, new o-rings, restrictor inspected/cleaned as needed, and digital pictures taken for reference/records.
8]   Upper control head is re-assembled, new o-rings, lubricated, etc.
       Head is then reset.
9]   Package is then lined back up, leak tested, and placed into service as       needed. Unit will then be adjusted, along with RADA thermostatic valve, to desired control outlet temperatures.
10]   Steam trap[s] strainer will be flushed [if possible], checked for proper operation, inspection report completed, etc.

This is a typical standard service performed by Flow Engineering. Additional RADA/Amot valves and repair parts, middle or lower control head work, control head or tube bundle removal, etc., please inquire, as this cost is typically additional.
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